About us

Our story:

In 1995, The School for Children with Hidden Intelligence (SCHI) was founded with one mission in mind: to ensure that every child was provided with the tools and support they needed to discover their true potential. Since then, SCHI has grown into a world-renowned, cutting-edge therapeutic and educational center dedicated to fulfilling that mission. Dedicated to helping students reach their goals, SCHIhas helped over 700 severely-developmentally delayed, medically fragile, and socially-emotionally challenged children & young adults with what they need to let their talents flourish.

As a state-approved organization, SCHI has worked tirelessly to provide multiply handicapped and underprivileged children and adults with the skills necessary for living life to their fullest potential. SCHI’s efforts have helped students throughout the Tristate region & beyond realize what they are truly capable of. SCHI is fully staffed by certified professionals, providing education and therapeutic services to children with disabilities such as autism, Down syndrome, ADHD, muscular dystrophy, Spina bifida, and cerebral palsy, among others. And more importantly, every staff member is endlessly passionate about working with each and every student to discover their hidden potential. SCHI aims to arm students with the tools and confidence they need to tackle the challenges of everyday life, both in and outside of school.

Our Goal:

To provide education, programming, and support for thestudents, teachers, and parents that make up our community. How? By providing:

Specially Curated Classes

Every single one of our students are unique and learn their own way. It takes a very multifaceted and personal classroom program to ensure each child receives the education and nurturing they need. SCHI is a school where children can learn at their own pace. Their natural style of learning is supported, and nurtured, and the home-like environment is conducive to educational and emotional growth. Each child is assigned a team of highly skilled professionals who with their expertise and experience, create optimum learning opportunities. SCHI is a truly unique school with an exceptional record of achievement.

Parenting Workshops

School might be where our children learn, but it’s at home where they must apply these lessons. Let us provide you with the necessary tools for raising a special needs child. SCHI has an on-going staff development program which provides information, workshops and support to the teachers on a weekly basis, presenting the most up-to-date information on specific disabilities and intervention programs. This affords the teachers a forum to share their concerns, offers constructive input and closely follow the progress of the students.

Staff Development

The faculty of administrators, teachers and therapists at SCHI are chosen for their professionalism and educational expertise, as well as for their dedication, warmth and innate understanding. Even so, in-service training workshops offered at SCHI enables staff members to continuously upgrade their educational expertise and knowledge. These opportunities are not limited to the SCHI faculty alone but are attended by therapists from neighboring counties and cities who are invited to benefit from these highly informative seminars.

A Family

Each member of SCHI gains indescribable fulfillment from thesmiles, hugs, and laughter the children share. Between the educators,administrators, parents, and students, SCHI is a warm, loving setting whichenriches us all.

Every child is unique and has their own needs. That is why SCHI ensures that each individual gets the care and attention they require by always maintaining a high teacher to student ratio (minimum of 1:2) and providing individualized educational programs, designed especially to fit the students’ distinctive learning styles.

A view inside our school

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