In-service training workshops offered at The School for Children with Hidden Intelligence enable staff members to continuously upgrade their educational expertise and knowledge. These opportunities are not limited to the SCHI faculty alone but are attended by therapists from neighboring counties and cities who are invited to benefit from these highly informative seminars.

The faculty of administrators, teachers and therapists at SCHI (The School for Children with Hidden Intelligence) are chosen for their professionalism and educational expertise, as well as for their dedication, warmth and innate understanding.

Each educator endeavors to build self confidence, encourage independence and to instill in their students the reassurance that accompanies personal achievement. While these objectives are of primary importance, they are fostered with an uncompromising adherence toward the highest standards of academic achievement.

Open communication between parents and educators is crucial to children’s scholastic success. This philosophy manifests itself at SCHI through daily written communication, parent/teacher conferences, progress reports and phone conversations.