During the summer, we offer an extended school year program organized by SCHI to ensure that the summer months will be an extension of the school year’s educational program and services. Reinforcement of learned skills, and carefully planned, exciting educational experiences enhance the summer days and create memories for the children that they will cherish.

Aside from the carefully planned curriculum objectives, students attending SCHI have the opportunity to benefit from a wide range of diverse hands-on learning experiences that include state-of-the-art computer instruction, aquatic therapy and pre-vocational training.

Future mainstreaming opportunities, job placement and independent living are carefully considered and included in the formation of daily lesson plans.

Throughout every school day, learning concepts are transformed into practical attainment of basic skills and achievements. Self-sufficiency and life skills development are achieved through guided shopping experiences, visits to department stores and community experiences, (i.e., To the library, to the post office). Self-care skills and independence are acquired through classroom activities that include vacuuming, dressing skills, setting the table and assisting in meal preparation. Social development and interaction is encouraged through extracurricular group activities, instructional peer play and periodic recreational experiences.