A mainstreaming program was initiated in the 1997-98 school year called S.K.I.P (Special Kids Integration Program). This program provides our students with the opportunity to regularly participate in a neighborhood school classroom or play-group in the community.

Some of these children also come to SCHI on a weekly basis so that friendships can be formed and the students can learn more about each other. This has proven to be a very rewarding experience for all involved.

To help our students at The School for Children with Hidden Intelligence become productive members of their community, we have begun a pre-vocational program for our young adults. Our staff is trained in job coaching so as to help them pursue jobs that will be appropriate as well as rewarding.

Learning styles differ in every child and this is reflected in the variety of educational programs available to our students. Indeed, what sets SCHI apart from other schools of its kind is its thoughtful persistence in utilizing and adapting one program after another until a successful technique or strategy is adopted.

Included among the many academic programs implemented at SCHI are the Stevenson Reading Program with the Touch Phonics Program, the Achieve Language Program, Beginning to Read, Write and Listen, Reading Milestones, the Silver Bernett Ginn Reading Series, the Focus Reading Program, Explode the Code, and the list keeps growing as we continue to grow and develop new strategies for learning. To master math skills, teachers at SCHI use many teacher-made materials, The Semple Math Program, The Addison Wesley Math Series and a wide variety of math manipulative’s and number readiness programs.

Autistic children at SCHI benefit from a combination of programs and services. The ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) approach, a one-on-one discrete trial teaching method, is used along with Sensory Integration Techniques.

Students with language delays or hearing impairments communicate and are taught with the assistance of sign language, the PECS Program (Picture Exchange Communication System) and augmentative communication devices to facilitate functional communication skills.